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Dark Fiber

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“DataWeb is a true support system. Capable, strong communication skills, cooperative, driven, flexible, and above all a reliable partner!

For more than 10 years DataWeb has provided Nabuurs with data connections. And they meet all our expectations. DataWeb always delivers the correct solution for our 25 branches. "

Dennis Wennekers – Service Delivery Manager Nabuurs

"For nearly 10 years DataWeb has proven to be a very reliable partner that finds solutions for their clients using their ample knowledge and expertise. Fast service, direct communication, and an excellent network with an avarage uptime that easily beats the 99,9 % SLA. I can wholeheartedly recommend DataWeb to anyone who is looking for a partner that you can really count on!"

Jelle Post – Network/System Administrator ZorgDomein

Recently, ANWR-GARANT made the switch to DataWeb. During and after two successful transitions of connections, DataWeb has proven to be a reliable and professional partner in successfully delivering qualitatively stable connections. We are looking forward to our cooperation in the future.

Simon van de Kempe ANWR-GARANT
O’Neill Europa
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DataWeb connects. Always and everywhere.

Business fiber in the Netherlands

Dark fiber is the ultimate solution for companies that don’t want to be dependent on external fiber optic providers and wish to remain in control of their own Internet connections. An unlit optical fiber connection offers unlimited bandwidth that can be used completely as desired. 

Dark fiber is an unlit optical fiber connecting two locations. Practically, there is no bandwidth limit and the lighting equipment on both sides determines the attainable speed, for example 1, 4 or 10 Gbit/s. This connection is completely ready for the future. Dark fiber is the way to go with complete security and unlimited bandwidth. The costs don’t depend on the amount of Mbit/s, but only on the dark fiber connection itself. 

Managed dark fiber 

DataWeb also offers managed dark fiber. A managed dark fiber connection means that you experience all the benefits, but none of the worries regarding, for example, cable maintenance, cable breakage, or excavation works. In the Netherlands, unused cables are not allowed to remain in the ground. DataWeb therefore controls the entire process, from the works (permit request, planning, coordination, digging) to every aspect of maintenance. 

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Having established data connections since 1994, DataWeb is one of the first and oldest internet providers in The Netherlands. Additionally, DataWeb is 100% autonomous and independent.

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No challenge is too big for DataWeb. With our motto 'always and everywhere', we make sure that we always establish a network connection.

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Clear communication, flexibility, high guarantees and years of experience enable us to always deliver complete solutions to make your organization future-proof.

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