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Connect to your data center

For several reasons, a direct connection to a data center is crucial for most companies. DataWeb offers the possibility to realize a direct connection with any data center in the Netherlands.

Using existing infrastructure, DataWeb will effortlessly connect your establishment to a data center of choice. This connection does not cross the Internet, reducing latency to almost zero.

Internet in your data center?

If you need a business Internet connection in your data center, DataWeb is the right partner. Our solutions offer you the option to connect to the Internet based on fixed IP addresses, BGP and a unique AS number. DataWeb can also assist with requesting a RIPE membership.

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Quality, reliability, total solutions, and long-term relationships with our clients is what DataWeb is all about.


DataWeb participates in and is supervised by the following organizations:

  • Autoriteit Consument & Markt
  • Stichting Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers
  • Stichting Internet Domeinregistraties Nederland
  • Agentschap Telecom

All data centers in the Netherlands

Below you will find some of the data centers in the Netherlands. Is your data center not listed? No problem, we deliver anywhere. Please contact us for more details.

Special Rates

Some of the data centers below are indicated as having Special Rates. For these centers, DataWeb can deliver connections at particularly low prices since our existing infrastructure will be used to realize your connection.


Connection data centers Amsterdam (Special Rates)

Datacenter in Amsterdam
Equinix (AM3), Science Park 610, 1098 XH Amsterdam

GlobalSwitch, Johan Huizingalaan 759, Sloten, 1066 VH Amsterdam

Interxion (AMS 1), Gyroscoopweg 60-62, Teleport, 1042 AC Amsterdam

Interxion, (AMS 3), Cessnalaan 1-33, 1119 NJ Schiphol Rijk

Interxion (AMS 5), Tupolevlaan 101, 1119 PA, Schiphol Rijk

Interoute, Koolhovenlaan 120, Schiphol Rijk

KPN ASD2, Drentestraat 12, 1083 HK en Barabara Strozzilaan 251, 1083 HN Amsterdam

KPN Corporate Market (CyberCenter Schiphol), Fokkerweg 300, Oude Meer

KPN Corporate Market (CyberCenter Aalsmeer), Lakenblekerstraat 13, Aalsmeer

Nikhef, Kruislaan 409, Science Park Amsterdam

Easynet, Capronilaan 2 Schiphol Rijk

Equinix Virtu, Luttenbergweg 4, Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam

euNetworks, Paul van Vlissingenstraat 16, Zuid-As Amsterdam

Schuberg Philis, Boeing Avenue 271, Schiphol Rijk

Tele2 (Amsterdam-2, Gyrocenter), Gyrocenter, Gyroscoopweg 148/152-154, 1042 AZ

Telecity (AMS 1), Kruislaan 411, Science Park, 1098 SJ Amsterdam

Telecity (AMS 2), Kuiperbergweg 13, Zuid-Oost, 1101 AE Amsterdam

Telecity (AMS 3), Gyroscoopweg 2, Teleport Amsterdam

Telecity (AMS 4), H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127, 1096 AM Amstel Business Park Amsterdam

Telecity (AMS 5), Schepenbergweg 40. 1105 AT Amsterdam Zuidoost, Netherlands

The Datacenter Group, TransIP & NXS (voorheen AFM),  Kabelweg 48 Teleport Amsterdam

Terremark, Amsterdam, Cateringweg 5, 1118 AM Schiphol, The Netherlands

SARA Amsterdam, Kruislaan 415, Science Park, 1089 SJ Amsterdam

Connection data centers Rotterdam (Special Rates)

Datacenter in Rotterdam
Data Facilities (Voorheen Dathouse Spijkenisse,EDS, daarvoor RSV) Boyleweg 2, Spijkenisse

Dataplace (Proserve), Van Coulsterweg, Alblasserdam, Nederland

KPN RT2 (Waalhaven), ZARA locatie, Anthony Fokkerweg 40, 3088 GG Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Nedzone, Drukkerij 6, 4651 SL Steenbergen

Rotterdam Internet Exchanged (R_iX), Schuttevaerweg 48, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Spaanse Kubus, Vlaardingweg 62 Rotterdam

SmartDC, ‘Dataport of Rotterdam’, i3d, Van Nellefabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam


Connections data centers Gelderland / Overijssel (Special Rates)

Datacenters Overijssel Gelderland
Akzo Nobel Twincenter (i4Networks/Netlogics), Velperweg 76, 6824 BM Arnhem (of Tivolilaan 205, 6824 BV)

Bit (BIT-2), Galileilaan 19 Ede

Equinix Virtu (Enschede) Auke Vleerstraat 1, Enschede

Equinix Virtu (Zwolle) Telfordstraat 3, 8013 RL Zwolle

KPN ZL-C, ZARA locatie, Parkstraat 1, 8011 CJ Zwolle

Previder (Introweb) PDC2, Barnsteenstraat 15, 7554 TC Hengelo

Connection data centers Groningen (Special Rates)

Datacenters in Groningen
Datacenter Groningen, Beneluxweg 4, 9636, Zuidbroek

RUG, Rekenhal, Landleven 1, Groningen

TCN SIG Telehouse, Zernikelaan 16, Groningen

Connection data centers Noord-Brabant / Limburg

Datacenters Noord-Brabant Limburg
Cofely Datacenter Beek (voorheen GTI), Amerikalaan 35, 6199 AE Maastricht Airport, Beek

Global Datacenter, Haansbergseweg 12, 5121 LJ Rijen (Gilze), The Netherlands

Eindhoven Fiber Exchange (EFX), Gebouw Laplace, Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ Eindhoven

Connection data centers Noord-Holland / Flevoland (Ex. A’dam) (Special Rates)

Datacenters Noord-Holland Flevoland
EvoSwitch, J.W. Lucasweg 35, Waarderpolder, Haarlem

Final Frontier, Cypergrasweg 3, 1313, Almere

Interxion HIL1, Mediagateway, Mediapark, Sumatralaan 45, Hilversum

KPN Coporate Market (CyberCenter Haarlem), A. Hofmanweg 1 2031, Haarlem (Hulswitweg)

KPN Corporate Market (CyberCenter Almere), Rondebeltweg 62, Almere

SARA Almere, Randstad 22 153, Almere

Other data centers

DataWeb provides connections to any data center in the Netherlands. Below you will find an overview of DataWeb-known data centers to which we can provide a direct connection. Is your location not included? Then please contact us. We would like to tell you more about the possibilities we offer.

  • Alticom, Alphen a/d Rijn
  • Alticom, Goes
  • Alticom, Hilversum
  • Alticom, Lelystad
  • Alticom, Loon op Zand
  • Alticom, Lopik
  • Alticom, Roermond
  • Alticom, Roosendaal
  • Alticom, Rotterdam
  • AMS-IX Office
  • Atos Origin, Amsterdam
  • Atos Origin Oud, Eindhoven
  • Atos Origin, Eindhoven
  • Bardeen Datahotel, Groningen
  • BIT-1, Ede
  • BT, Eindhoven
  • BT Hempoint, Amsterdam
  • BT, Nieuwegein
  • BT, Oosterbeek
  • BT, Zwolle
  • Casema GV18, Den Haag
  • Casema, Utrecht
  • Claranet Benelux, Son
  • Colt, Amsterdam
  • Colt, Roosendaal
  • Computel Standby, Apeldoorn
  • Coolwave Carrier1, Amsterdam
  • Concepts ICT, Breda
  • CUC, Lelystad
  • CyberBunker, Goes/Kloetingen
  • Databarn, Amsterdam
  • Databarn Rivium, Capelle aan den Ijssel
  • Datacenter Brabant
  • Datacenter Dongen, Dongen
  • Datacenter Meppel
  • Data Hotel Hilversum, Hilversum
  • Datahouse, Alkmaar
  • DataHouse, Alphen aan den Rijn
  • Datahouse Amerfoort
  • Datahouse Capelle, Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Datahouse Den Haag
  • Dataregiocentre, Wormerveer
  • DCA, Amsterdam
  • DCA, Utrecht
  • DCF 1, Leeuwarden
  • Eco2DC, Steenwijk
  • EKC Limmel
  • Emango, Schinnen
  • Enne Solutions Datacenter Zuid, Roermond
  • Essent Aagtdorp (Bergen/Schoorl)
  • Equant, Amsterdam
  • Equant, Schiphol Rijk
  • euNetworks, Halfweg
  • EuroFiber Nijverheidsweg, Utrecht
  • Eurofiber Zonnebaan, Utrecht
  • EwekaDC, Amsterdam
  • Fontys Hogeschool, Venlo
  • Getronics, Apeldoorn
  • Gemeente Heerlen
  • Global Crossing, Amsterdam
  • Google Eemsdelta – Eemshaven
  • Gyrocenter DC2
  • Interbox Internet, Capelle aan den IJssel
  • Interconnect, Eindhoven
  • Interconnect, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Intermax, Rotterdam
  • Interoute, Soesterberg
  • Interoute, Zandvoort
  • Intersquare, Venlo
  • Intradesk Datacenter, Rotterdam
  • ISP Services – Doetinchem
  • ITB, Deventer
  • ITB, Apeldoorn
  • KPN Ah/Ah2, Arnhem
  • KPN Bd, Breda
  • KPN Bunker, Bussum
  • KPN Capelle, Capelle aan den IJssel
  • KPN CS DSM, Geleen
  • KPN Getronics/Pink Roccade, Amsterdam
  • KPN GN2, Groningen
  • KPN HD, Groningen
  • KPN, Heerlen
  • KPN HGL-C, Hengelo
  • KPN HGV-C, Hoogeveen
  • KPN RT1, Rotterdam
  • Level3, Amsterdam
  • Liander, Amsterdam
  • Luna, Rotterdam
  • Match-IT, Dongen
  • Muller Networks, Coevorden
  • Nedcomp, Hardinxveld-Giessendam
  • NL-ix Office
  • Plant, Amsterdam
  • Pink Roccade, Amsterdam
  • Planpro, Helmond
  • Previder (Introweb) PDC1, Hengelo
  • ReliNed Cabine Culemborg, Culemborg
  • RDC Datacentrum, Amsterdam
  • Rembrand Toren, Amsterdam
  • RUG Zernikeborg, Groningen
  • Schiecentrale, Rotterdam
  • Serverius, Dronten
  • Solcon, Apeldoorn
  • Solcon, Dronten
  • Sorbie, Amsterdam
  • Systemec, Venlo
  • Superior-Is, Helmond
  • Switch, Amsterdam
  • TCN SIG Mediacentrale – Groningen
  • TeDoc, Wolvega (Weststellingwerf)
  • Tele2 (Amsterdam-1), Amsterdam
  • Tele2 (POP), Alkmaar
  • Tele2 (POP), Amersfoort
  • Tele2 (POP), Arnhem
  • Tele2 (POP), Breda
  • Tele2, Den Bosch
  • Tele2 (POP), Deventer
  • Tele2 (POP), Eindhoven
  • Tele2 (POP), Enschede
  • Tele2 (POP), Groningen
  • Tele2 (POP), Haarlem
  • Tele2 (POP), Heerlen
  • Tele2 (POP), Leeuwarden
  • Tele2 (POP), Maastricht
  • Tele2 (POP), Nijmegen
  • Tele2, Rijswijk/Den Haag
  • Tele2, Utrecht
  • Tele2, Venlo
  • Tele2, Zwolle
  • Tennet, Lelystad
  • Tennet, Maasbracht
  • Tennet Louwsmeer, Tytjerk
  • Tennet, Vierverlaten
  • The Datacenter Group, Delft
  • Transpolis, Hoofddorp
  • Unet, Almere
  • Unilogic, Sittard
  • UPC, Amsterdam
  • Verizon AMS1, Amsterdam
  • Verizon AMS2, Amsterdam
  • Verizon, Rotterdam
  • Viatel, Amsterdam
  • Vodafone, Eindhoven
  • Vodafone, Leidschenveen
  • WideXS, Amsterdam
  • World Port Center, Rotterdam
  • WTC, Amsterdam
  • @Xit, Breda
  • Zeelandnet, Kamperland
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