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International Business Internet

  • High availability (99,9%)
  • IP-VPN/MPLS solutions
  • Any location – any bandwidth


Business network connectivity

DataWeb has been setting the standard for high-quality data communication since we were founded in 1994. We are your trusted source for IP-VPN and MPLS solutions, and with our established network, we can connect any location to your headquarters or to one or more data centers. We are a strong, international partner that you can count on for excellent service: we understand the value of a reliable connection.

We are experienced in connecting business locations throughout Europe – even worldwide. We are literally located next to the AMS-IX, ensuring you of the highest availability and lowest latency.

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Medium and large-scale businesses


Several locations

Fiber optic connections are ideal to connect several different locations in a closed network. The stable connection warrants more reliability. A few of the advantages are:

  • Very low latency
  • Easy development of central server services
  • Security (all data remains within the private network)
  • No separate VPN equipment and/or firewall needed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Lower Single-Point-Of-Failure

Working in the Cloud

More and more companies are working in the cloud, which makes the importance of a stable and secure Internet connection even higher. DataWeb has supported major companies in connecting their networks to cloud applications.

  • Connected without worries
  • Suitable for Azure, AWS, or private cloud
  • Create technical designs together
  • Easy configuration in your IP-VPN/MPLS network
  • Independent of cloud provider


In addition to Europe, DataWeb provides internet connections worldwide? We have an extensive network, offering you connections in every city.

  • Reliable connections
  • Single point of contact
  • High availabilty of customer support
  • You control all connections

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