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    Easily connect head office to other locations

    Stable and secure network

    An IP-VPN securely connects your head office with other locations and home workers, creating a reliable and cost-efficient communication network for data and speech (VoIP). With bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s using fiber optic broadband, an IP-VPN allows your people to work anywhere they want at anytime, This gives you the opportunity to benefit most from people, time and energy.

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    Connections at reduced costs and higher security

    Completely closed corporate network


    More and more companies find it important to realize a completely closed (virtual) network. We at DataWeb can facilitate this using our own private network (MPLS).


    Many companies make use of a local break-out with Internet access at one location. This reduces Internet connection costs and allows data to be securely sent within the private network.


    Our connections come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as standard. If anything goes unexpectedly wrong, we will take care of it immediately. What's more, the Internet speed we offer is guaranteed since you won't be sharing the connection with your neighbors.

    A scalable and secure solution


    Several locations

    One of the advantages of an IP-VPN network is that it's very scalable. If many of your employees work from home, or if there is an internal server, an external data center or a new location (abroad) that you would like to connect, you can easily add these to your network.

    Working in the cloud

    DataWeb offers closed connections to the major cloud platforms by Microsoft and Amazon (Azure and AWS). We use these to easily connect your external data center to your existing IP-VPN network. We are an independent exchange provider which means you are completely independent of the cloud provider when it comes to your connection.


    Costs for an IP-VPN depend on several factors. For example: office location; required speed; availability; SLA and contract duration.

    Check availability

    Check the availability of business internet at your location

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