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MPLS – Reliable closed network

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    Optimum security for core-business processes

    Closed MPLS network

    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a relatively new communication technology that is closely related to IP switching. Using MPLS, new and previously unattainable functionalities become available for IP networks. It’s no surprise that MPLS is gaining quickly in popularity and is steadily becoming the new standard for large, multi-media IP networks.

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    Completely closed corporate network


    We connect any given location to your MPLS/VPLS network. We facilitate (Internet) connections for both critical and second-tier locations, allowing you to focus on development and management of the network. We take care of the rest.

    Virtual tunnels

    The switching functionality in MPLS is realized by adding one or more 'Labels' between the standard data link layer (for example HDLC or the Internet) and network layer headers. This creates several virtual 'Tunnels' throughout the MPLS network, each with their own unique identification code. Labels are added (and removed) along the edges of the MPLS network. For connected networks the label switching is completely transparent, making the network behave like a standard IP-network.


    DataWeb uses MPLS to connect large-scale corporate networks, by creating Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The MPLS VPN often serves as a way to make older VPN techniques such as ATM and Frame Relay cooperate. Our experience allows us to create a reliable network design that is completely ready for the future.

    A scalable and secure solution

    Connected, anywhere, anytime

    MPLS vs IP-VPN

    The following are some of the advantages of an MPLS network compared to an IP-VPN network:

    • More Quality of Service (QoS) possibilities: An MPLS network gives you complete control over the way in which VPN packages are sent across all hardware and communication paths.
    • Simpler management: Using an IP-VPN solution, you often control the hardware at the end of the connection. Using MPLS, that responsibility often lies with the carriers.
    • Better security management: The VPN network traffic is logically separated from other types of traffic using th MPLS labels. This makes it much easier to manage network security.

    Working in the Cloud

    Working in a Private Cloud is becoming increasingly popular, clearing the way for many providers offering you private cloud solutions. For large-scale organizations, there are two important factors for these solutions: 1) the connection with the data center; 2) the connections between several locations. We will take care of both.

    Fast network

    MPLS technology creates more speed. It adds intelligence to the network by differentiating between several types of data that need to be sent through the network. That makes it extremely useful for the use of core-business applications and data that need to be spread throughout the (global) network. By assigning higher priority to important applications, work speed is optimized.

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    Check the availability of business internet at your location

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