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VRRP – What is this?

The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is a computer networking protocol, providing automatic failover functionality in case one of multiple router interfaces (or the entire router) breaks/fails. You could say that two physical routers

VRRP is the perfect solution to increase uptime of your network.

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Voorbeeld VRRP-, HSRP-oplossing

VRRP features

The most important features of VRRP are:

  • VRRP gives you real-time status updates of your router
  • So, no information about routings
  • Every VRRP instance can only work on 1 subnet
  • Multiple VRRP instances are possible to implement multiple redundant subnets
  • WAN gateway doesn’t change
  • Works with ethernet and MPLS networks

Why is VRRP relevant for your business?

digital network designThe Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is used to realize failover functionality. For your business, this means:

  • Automatic back-up; two physical routers appear as one virtual router
  • High reliability of connection and hardware (CPE)
  • One gateway and IP address; simple configuration by IT

VRRP in your business

When is VRRP useful? Below you can find several situations in which VRRP was useful:

  1. Fibercut; A broken fiber can happen to any company. For example, during construction nearby where an excavator accidentally cuts the cable. In our experience, fixing this takes more than eight hours..
  2. Router failure; Routers almost always work. However, if they fail, for example when the power supply dies, consequences are huge.

More information about VRRP?

Don’t miss this important information about VRRP. Download our free VRRP guide.

Over: Patrick Riemers

Bio: DataWeb is actief als onafhankelijke Internet Service Provider (ISP). DataWeb is een flexibele organisatie met korte lijnen die sinds 1994 actief is in de zakelijke markt. DataWeb kan zich daarom met recht tot één van de eerste internetproviders van Nederland rekenen. Kenmerkend voor DataWeb is de specialisatie in datacommunicatie. Dit resulteert in een uitgebreid en gevarieerd portfolio met een breed scala aan bedrijven, overheden en non-profitinstellingen.

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