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This is how we connect you to the rest of the world.
Fiber Internet

With DataWeb Fiber Internet, we provide direct internet connections throughout Europe on the fiber optic network. You choose your desired bandwidth, we deliver reliable connections with guaranteed speeds of 10 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s without overbooking (1:1).

Is transmitting and receiving large amounts of data a necessity for your company? Fiber Internet offers you a future-proof broadband connection in The Netherlands or anywhere in the world.


With our IP-VPN solution, we link your HQ, branch offices and home safely together. This creates a reliable, cost-effective communication network for data and voice (VoIP). With bandwidths up to 10 Gbit/s, our IP-VPN offers your employees the ability to work anytime, anywhere. This is how you make the best use of people, time and energy.

IP-VPN: Tailored to your needs.

Internet Access

Being connected to the Internet is becoming increasingly important to your business. We work more in the cloud and are getting more dependant on our Internet connections.

Dataweb offers reliable Fiber internet connections, suitable for all kinds of ICT applications. From regular speed DSL lines to high speed (dark)fiber internet, we offer reliable and secure connections in The Netherlands, throughout Europe and even worldwide!

About us

We have a huge passion for customer happiness.

DataWeb is a flexible organisation that has operated as an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the corporate market since 1994. We therefore can proudly say we were one of the first Internet providers in the Netherlands.

Dataweb is best characterised by the focus and specialisation in data-communications. This results in an extended and diverse portfolio that brings solutions to many different businesses, government and non-profit organisations. DataWeb has its own network infrastructure in TeleCity1 & Nikhef in Amsterdam.

Quality, reliability and solutions that fit the demands of our customers are what DataWeb stands for.

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  • No incidents

    We are proud to say that we haven't had any major incidents this year (so far).

  • Guaranteed uptime

    Our network availability is at least 99.9%. That's our guarantee.

  • 21 years of experience

    Founded in 1994, Dataweb has over 21 years of experience with connecting businesses safely to the Internet.

  • 10 Mbit - 10 Gbit

    Whether you need a 10 Mbit connection or a 10 Gbit connection, we deliver.


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